Google Reportedly Completes Design Process for Tensor G5 Chipset for Pixel 10 Series

Google Pixel 10 isn’t expected to debut until 2025 but its development process seems to have already kicked off. According to a report, its chipset – the purported Tensor G5 – has reached the “tape out” stage, meaning its design process is complete and it can be sent for fabrication. This development builds upon previous speculation that the Tensor G5 will be fully customised by Google, instead of being based on a Samsung Exynos SoC.

Google completes design process for chipset on Pixel 10 series 

According to a report by Taiwan’s Commercial Times, the design process of the Tensor G5 chipset is now complete, and it is ready to be fabricated. This stage, known as “tape out”, is said to be critical as it now allows the company to produce the chipset at a foundry and test it thoroughly.

The publication states that the California-based tech giant has reached an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) – the foundry which is anticipated to be responsible for its fabrication. Since the design process is complete, the chip can now be manufactured, giving Google almost a year to test it for performance and efficiency — or make improvements, if required.

The Tensor G5 is said to be developed fully by Google, unlike the previous four generations which were based on an Exynos chip from Samsung. This exclusivity might not only enable the company to add features specific to the Pixel 10 series but also improve upon shortcomings of previous generations, especially when it comes to battery optimisation and thermal management – two of the issues which have impacted Google’s smartphones in recent times.

The next generation Tensor G5 chip is expected to be built using TSMC’s second-generation 3nm node (N3E), further simplifying the initial N3B process. A smaller chip size usually has smaller components which is claimed to offer better power efficiency. Furthermore, this small size allows the fabricator to integrate more transistors, increasing its performance capabilities for computing tasks.

The chip is expected to debut with the Google Pixel 10 series next year. On the other hand, the Pixel 9 series, which is scheduled to launch on August 13 at the Made by Google event, is speculated to get the Tensor G4 chipset under the hood, which will still be based on a Samsung processor.

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