OnePlus Reportedly Working on AI-Powered Voice Recording Summary Feature

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OnePlus is reportedly working on an artificial intelligence (AI) feature that will allow users to generate text summaries from voice recordings. The feature was spotted in the latest version of Oxygen OS, the company’s custom skin for Android. It is said to support multiple audio formats. The feature is currently not visible and those who participated in the beta programme will not be able to test it out. Interestingly, India was mentioned among the countries where the feature could launch first in one of the strings of code.

OnePlus to Reportedly Get an AI Voice Recording Summary Feature

Android Authority spotted the under-development feature on Oxygen OS 14.1. The feature is not currently enabled, and the publication discovered it during a teardown of the company’s software. The smartphone maker is said to be working on a sound recorder which uses the AI Summariser feature that was unveiled by the company earlier this year and spotted on the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open.

The strings of code also provide some clues about the purported feature. For instance, the AI Voice Recording Summary feature will supports multiple audio file formats including MP3, AMR, AWB, AAC, and WAV, according to the string “convert_error_format”. 

The file size of the recording should be smaller than 500MB, and the recording length should be less than five hours for the feature to work, according to the strings discovered by the publication. Additionally, it appears voice recordings that are too short will not be used to generate a summary.

Further, the strings of code highlight that there will be a limit to the number of summary generation tasks a user can initiate simultaneously. There is also a daily limit, details of which are currently unknown. These criteria could mean that there is a server-level limit to these features. They may also be offered with a paid subscription tier.

The publication also discovered strings of code describing the feature on the Android 15 Developer Preview 2. These strings did not reveal more details about the feature but about the places where it may launch first. There are reportedly three languages mentioned — Chinese, Hindi, and English — which suggests that the AI Voice Recording Summary feature could first arrive in China, India, and the US, according to the report.

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