Samsung SmartThings Energy Flex Connect Programme With Energy Consumption Management Launched

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Samsung on Monday announced the launch of a new demand response programme called SmartThings Energy Flex Connect. As part of this initiative, users can enrol their devices and automate the management of energy consumption, especially during scenarios when power demand is at its highest. Samsung says devices can ‘communicate’ with the power grid and automatically reduce the consumption when a strain is detected – a move aimed at fostering a sustainable energy grid, according to the firm.

Samsung’s SmartThings Energy Flex Connect

The South Korean firm said in a newsroom post that the SmartThings app can be used to enrol energy-intensive devices such as thermostats, plugs, air conditioners, lights, TVs and other appliances through SmartThings Energy – the company’s energy management solution. This enables users to monitor devices for power consumption, courtesy of a partnership with utility providers and grid-service programs.

Samsung says that Flex Connect is capable of automatically toggling the AI Energy Mode on compatible appliances which claims to reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent. It can enable and disable the following modes: Maximum saving, Carbon Intensity and Custom. Samsung says devices with Flex Connect support will automatically limit their power consumption when a Demand Response signal is received.

It also offers a power off function, automatically turning off devices when not in use. According to Samsung, it also supports third-party lights and plugs. Furthermore, Flex Connect is also claimed to be capable of smart temperature adjustment for thermostats.

If users do not have compatible appliances whose power consumption can be tweaked automatically, the SmartThings app will send alerts to the user for manual intervention during peak hours.

The initiative has been launched in California and New York, allowing users to not only save energy, reduce their bills and limit their carbon footprint, but also earn Samsung Reward Points along the way – an incentive to use Flex Connect.

“SmartThings Energy empowers our users with tools and information to monitor their energy consumption and save money, and launching Flex Connect is a crucial step in creating a greener and smarter world.” Chanwoo Park, Executive VP, Samsung Electronics, said in a prepared statement.

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